Trevor Stubblefield

I am a young software engineer with interests in Big Data, Distributed Systems, and Full-Stack Development. I am seeking oppurtunities to learn more about the world of software development.

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Colorado State University


Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Coursework includes Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Graphics, Software Development Methods, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Security, Operating Systems, and Computer Architecture.

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Work Experience and Projects

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Cloud Service Automation

Summer 2016-Present

Currently an intern for a team responsible for private and hybrid cloud management software used by different enterprises. The software is used to automate the management of cloud services from ordering to provisioning.


Common Automation for Storage Technologies

Summer 2014-2016

Interned for the Enterprise Storage Group on a team responsible for developing an automation framework used for testing SAN infrastructure including storage arrays, host based operating systems, switches, and networking hardware.

Neonic Mobile App

Worked with a startup to develop a mobile application for crowd-sourced lightshows. The application used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with other phones, allowing the crowd to become the lightshow at events. The application was tested and used by college students in Colorado Springs.

Spark Capstone Project

An Apache Spark project that analyzes a household power consumption dataset from UC Irvine. We used nonlinear regression using Neural networks and trained the best network with minute of the day power consumption as the target output.

Thread Pool Manager

Implemented a thread pool manager without using Java.util.concurrent to handle up to 500 8KB messages/sec. The thread pool manager would create a thread pool with 10 threads, then handle incoming client connections and messages using the worker threads. The worker threads would read in messages from clients, hash the messages, then reply back to the clients with a hashed message.

Hadoop MapReduce Project

Set up a Hadoop cluster from scratch to analyze the 1990 US census data. The cluster worked across many computers provided by Colorado State University to map and reduce census data by state. The project's goal was to analyze different factors such as populations by age, race, and gender.

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